Internship Program


The ESWECO Internship program offers highly motivated, enthusiastic and successful individuals an opportunity to improve their skills while working in a multi cultured, dynamic and challenging environment. Interns generally will find the experience to be rewarding and interesting.


Goals & Objectives

  1. Internship students will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations, Improving skills in research, communication in groups, interpersonal communication, observation, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  2. The program will provide students the opportunity to test their aptitude for a particular career before permanent commitments are made.
  3. Internship students will develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.
  4. The program will aid students in adjusting from college to full-time employment; Conditioning the participant to adapt to change
  5. The program will provide students the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships.
  6. The program will increase a student's sense of responsibility, and improve their self confidence.
  7. Internship students will develop employment records/references that will enhance employment opportunities.
  8. The program will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of an organization.
  9. The program will provide students the opportunity to understand informal organizational interrelationships.
  10. The program will use a variety of learning styles and frequently challenging participants to use new ways of learning and thinking.
  11. The program will put learning into context to improve understanding and retention of concepts.
  12. The program will help interns to become a more motivated life-long learner.



The intern should expect the following:

  • Clear job description
  • Real work assignments
  • Regular constructive feedback
  • Negotiated intern individual objectives
  • Assigned mentor

On the other hand, we expect the intern to be participative work as a real team member with full enthusiasm and support.



The intern will adhere to all company policies in effect, including but not limited attendance and punctuality, dress code, acceptable usage, etc….


The Process


The internship availability is announced one month prior to start date. The Internship is offered during summer


Selection process to all candidates includes resume and interviews. Selection is mainly based on interpersonal and personal skills; no prior experience is required, though preferable. Computing skills and fluency in English is required.

The Internship

First Day

Intern Orientation

Week One to Two

Intensive Training (2 – 4 Weeks)

Week One Intern Evaluation

Negotiate and set Intern Individual Objectives

Week Three to Twelve

Intensive Training continued

Intern Job Orientation

Mid-Program Intern Evaluation (Week 6)

Close out

Final Intern Evaluation

Exit Program Evaluation Survey



Both formal and informal evaluation to be conducted, this include three formal intern evaluation forms along the internship, and one program evaluation survey to be filled by the intern at the end of the program. Also it includes informal one to one feedbacks.



To apply for the Internship Program, post your CV here.

Make sure to select Internship Program in the Job Type field.

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