Happy New Year, Happy New Website

Welcome to ESWECO new and improved website….

On the very first moments of the New Year 2012, ESWECO new website comes in with new hopes and aspirations.


Happy New Features

The new website offers you a plethora of many new places to go. Want products details? We got you covered. Need information about ESWECO? It's in place. Want to join us at ESWECO? Welcome.

The top menu of the website takes you simply through all the different places of the website. Enjoy walking through it, and you might want to leave us a message or two, on our CONTACT US page.


Happy New Places

As a part of a bigger project; we aren't just a website. We have added lots of your favorite social networks for you to choose from. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; we got it all for you. So make sure to visit our social networks pages.

Facebook: www.facebook.com\esweco

Twitter: www.twitter.com\esweco

YouTube: www.youtube.com\socialesweco

Your comments are welcome.


Happy New Relation

We hope that 2012 will hold us more opportunities to work together. Whether you are new to deal with ESWECO, or you're already an established partner of ESWECO. We, together, will make sure that there will be more and more opportunities to work together.


Happy New Year, we at ESWECO wish you success, good times, and happiness.



Credits (Alphabetically Ordered)


  • Team Members:

– Abir Abdel-Wahab

– Emad Abdel-Hamid (Team Leader)

– Mohamed M. Elliethy

– Mohamed Yakout


  • Special Thanks:

– Aseel Abdel-Moneam (Flash Animation)

– Islam Abdo (Testing)

– Mohamed Refaat (Color Scheme)

– Yasser Auf (Photo Shooting)

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